Handmade Toys

Airborne Vehicles

Since the dawn of time, humans have dreamt of flying like birds. Now, children both young and old will get a change to practice their favorite maneuvers and… dream a little!



Bath time has never been this fun! Whether they’re going down rapids or navigating unexplored bays, these colorful floating boats will steer your kids towards the greatest discoveries!


Robust and smooth-shaped, our toy vehicles are designed to encourage the most creative ideas. Almost indesctructible, they will lead the way to wonderful places…


Games of skill

Build your skills with these challenging games! Made for kids and the young at heart.

Pull String Animals

As soon as children take their first steps, these animals will be their companions. Pull them and they will sway around, much to the enjoyment of toddlers.

Road Vehicles

Whether in the sandbox or on the living room floor, our vehicles are sure to carry your children to a whole new world…

Sailing boats

Perfect for baths and pools alike, our sailing boats are designed for stable and long-lasting flotation. With their colorful sails, wooden hull, and miniature sailor, they’re fully equipped for a journey… to the edge of the world!

Stackable Toys

In addition to making great decoration, these toys will help your children develop their senses through their first visual and motor experiences.



Since the early 1970’s, our goal is to create toys that stimulate the imagination and help develop the child’s motor skills and cognitive abilities, all the while being great fun!

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Where to buy

We now have an Etsy online store! You can also come see our toys in a local store. Browse the list of stores by choosing your region below.


Central Pop 2017
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Le salon des métiers d’art de l’Estrie
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Le salon des métiers d’art de Montréal
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